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Enjoy Nishiki's real Wagyu.

The Owner of Nishiki Restaurant runs a wholesale company that supplies Australia’s most premium wagyu beef to fine dining restaurants and clients overseas. He handpicks the best from his stock to use at Nishiki, which means they are full blood, marble score 7+ and safely traceable to Cabassi & Rea, our supplier. We want to make sure that you get to experience the full wonders of wagyu by offering you lesser -known cuts to try along with the familiar ones. Enjoy!
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100 % Pure Bred Wagyu. 600 days grain fed.
Nishiki’s supplier, award winning Cabassi & Rea wagyu is produced from certified 100 % pure bred wagyu cattle that have been grain fed for a minimum 600 days. Every piece is hand graded and trimmed to exacting standards before being packaged and shipped to beef connoisseurs all over the globe.