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About Wagyu

What is full blood Wagyu?

Full blood wagyu is purely bred wagyu.
Around ninety percent of wagyu beef sold within Australia is cross-bred wagyu infused with Australian cows such as Angus. What makes full blood wagyu apart is that it is a pure and direct descendant of the Japanese bloodlines, making it more intense in marbling and flavour.

The main difference from the conventional meat is the intramuscular fat content of the meat which is called ‘ Marble’ and the meat is labelled depending the marble scores. This has been established because wagyu cattle have been bred up specifically for “TASTE” through longer breeding period, particular grain feed, and as little stress on the cows.

This intramuscular fat contains a good source of vitamins, Omega 3, monounsaturated fatty acids. Also wagyu has the potential to reduce diabetes, Alzherimer’s and heart conditions.

Cabassi & Rea Wagyu

VIP Gold Label (marble score 9+)
This is our elite brand.
Graded to show equivalance to the famous Japanese A5 standard of marbling and bright pink colour.

Black Label (marble score 9)
Most of our Wa-Gyu is represented by this exclusive label.
Graded to show equivalence to the Japanese A4 standard, with abundant marbling and bright red colour.

Red Label (marble score 7-8)
2010 Champion Beef Exhibit @ Sydney Fine Food Show
Graded to show equivalence to the Japanese A3 standard. This label represents cattle that grade marble score 7-8 with bright red meat colour.